Thursday, September 20, 2012

After the last picture I thought I'd post these

A Good friend of mine decided to help me save some money on pictures this year and took these of Oaklee    
while she was tending for me.

 I've always thought Oaklee had an extremely pretty smile.  I don't know maybe I'm biased
 Pretty little close up

 Except for this one which I took  So which picture do YOU like the best.I'm having a really hard time picking just one!!


Jenny said...

I like the last one but I love the black and white close up. Gorgeous!

real-life said...

Dang they are all good. She is so stinkin' cute!!!

Cheyenne said...

She does have a pretty smile...just a pretty little girl all around. I love the second--it's just happy, lil, natural girl. Although, that black n white is a stunner.

Adams Family said...

Wow, really pretty. But I thought you already decided on the one from the blog before.