Saturday, September 8, 2012

What is it about this time of year?  Late Summer/ Early Autumn I think it may be the light.... I love the angle of light during this time of year.

Now one more year is winding up
Life is pressing on.
summer left us in a swirl
a flash it's here and gone

The kids are inches taller now
they all grow tall and straight
Anxiously I watch them grow
and In silence contemplate,

about their youth the things they know
Are they learning what they should
all the things we've taught them
have they understood?

We sit at dusk with dusty clothes
the days work now all done
satisfied and happy while we
watch the setting sun.

So it is with life and things
the seasons come then go
and life seems satisfying
Through work, as our children grow.

-Cathy Brian-

Home, after 12 hours on a horse gathering cows

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Cheyenne said...

You are so, SO talented. I would love to glean your skills.

That picture is heart meltingly precious!