Friday, September 26, 2008


This summer Dad made a trade with son which involved son getting a new puppy. Son wanted a Lab but Dad kept telling him "No way they're just to big you can have a heeler." so for the last few months KSL classifieds have been sons "video game" and whenever he found a batch of puppies that looked promising we'd have to spend the rest of the day telling him to just be patient we'd find a puppy but he usually ended up in tears. Well, sons birthday is Oct. 1rst,he's turning 12, and so he finally got his dog as a birthday present and the surprise was it was exactly what he wanted, a lab(sigh) But it is a dang cute dog. And son is soooooo happy.

There is a long history of dogs behind this boy. He's had a lot of dogs but he lost each one and then we'd have to console his tender heart as he'd cry every time he'd think about his most recently lost dog. The catch was that his past dogs were all supposed to be working cow dogs and if they wouldn't work, well, they had to go. So this dog is to be just simply a companion dog . Oh, he named it Angie after a girl in a Louis La'mour.I believe the book is Hondo.


This is one of seven puppies we have. It's o.k. though I've sold them all. They go to their new homes next week.

I just enjoyed myself this morning watching Chance play with them. He's the type of kid that makes every parent think that boys and dogs go together. He plays outside forever talking away to these puppies as if they know exactly what he's talking about. He spent this morning playing in his Tee pee building fires with little sticks laying around(no flames involved). I could here him saying
"O.K. Boy lets go get wood" The puppies not cooperating So then I hear
"O.K. Boy I'll just go get the wood." A few minutes Later
"Here I am boy, lets build our fire"
and on and on and on as he's lost in his little world and loving life.

I love this time of the year! But the thought of a long cold winter makes me send the kids out as often as I can.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Well It Sounded Fun! And I Was Curious.

I've seen this little questionair on a couple of blogs And it intrigued me so I tried it. Here are the results I got.

The Questions

What does Mom always tell you? Braden: NO!

Caib: do your homework:

Aubree: My name.

Chance: Chancee boy

Dad: I don't know what you always tell me.(Deep Thinker)

What makes mom happy? Braden: When I'm happy

Caid: Wden I get up and take care of the cow without complaining.


Chance: You (Wise for an almost 3 year old)

Dad; Being out doing stuff with family

What makes mom sad? Braden: The ending of the book Summer of the Monkeys

Caib: That Book(Summer of the Monkeys): (We"ve been reading for about an hour every Night,more if they can talk me into it)

Aubree: When I'm late getting home

Chance: You ( More wisdom)

Dad: Many things, family problems.

How does mom make you laugh? Braden:When you stare at me.

Caib: When you tell me funny things.\

Aubree:tickles me

Chance: Because

Dad: burning meat (He thinks I burn meat every time I cook it. But it's his fault he calls me on the phone and distracts me every time I try to cook. Oh and I'm a well done while he's a medium rare)

How old is mom? Braden:39 (He's right, sigh)

Caib: 37(I asked my Mom how old she was when she was 42 years old and for the next 10 years, or maybe 20, when ever any one asked me how old my mom was I told them 42. and I was serious. That's what I thought)

Aubree: 23( I love Her perception)

Chance you big(His, too)

Dad: 38, Oh I mean 39

How tall is mom Braden: Uh, I don't know, like 5'6"( and a half)

Caib: I don't know......5'

Aubree: ummm Bigger than me.

Chance: (He's given up)

Dad: 5'6"

What does Mom like to do? Braden: Go on dates with Dad

Caib: Mow the lawn

Aubree: Snuggle with Oaklee and be near us

Chance: (still won't answer)

Dad: Walks, yard work

What is Mom's Job? Braden:Crossing guard and being Mom

Caib:Crossing guard Make dinner and feed us.

Aubree: The crosswalk

Chance:(He's Back) take care of me

Dad: Mother

What is moms favorite food? Braden: It's not mutton I know that. OH! pork chops.

Caib: lasagna

Aubree: Soup

Chance: On the Table?( see, Still 3 year old wisdom. I love any food that is prepared and on the table)

Dad: Fruits and Vegetables(He said he was trying to think of stuff I buy at the store that he never would buy. MEN!!)

How do you know mom loves you? Braden: Cause your my mom.

Caib: You do my laundry

Aubree: because your my mommy.

Chance (laughs) You love me!

Dad: Because you tell me.(DUH!!! If I didn't tell him would he still know that I love him? actually He was in a hurry to get up to the church..It's Tuesday night.)

So there you go This was actually really fun and very enlightening.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Share and share a Like

For just over a week now I have had some, in my
view, very welcome guests at my house. The bugs this year have been terrible so when my neighbors chickens showed up I haven't minded at all. But, Roger did make a comment about the birds.
He said: "You'd think if we wanted chickens wandering in our yard we would turn our own out." That's right we have our own chickens and they have just started laying so I haven't let them wander. I want to get them used to laying eggs in their boxes.

After Rogers comment I assured him that as many bugs as we've had this year I really didn't mind having the chickens around. but the funny thing was Bradens comment. He Pointed out that the neighbors chinkens aren't bad to have around after all they have to put up with our flies.

Apparently, Braden sees the fly eppidemic as a direct result of our livestock.

Rogers only comment after that was "Good Point"

And we went about our activities enjoying the chickens as they wandered the yard pecking at all manner of creepy crawlies.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another spur of the moment project:

Chance happened to notice that one of his tractor tires had fallen down the heat vent in my bedroom so I, playing the heroic mom, pulled the vent out of the floor and rescued his poor tire.Of course, that's when I noticed all the dirt and dust down there and grabbed the shop vac. and proceeded to do what very rarely gets done, much less thought about, that is...I vaccuumed out the vent. Boy, is that a satisfying job. So satisfying that I just kept shoving the vacuum hose in as far as it would go hearing it slurp and suck was amazing. I didn't realize that so much sh.....umm stuff could be in a heating vent.

so heres a picture of just two of the things I found.
Now I don't know about you, but I'm almost 40 and I don't ever remember valentines looking like this.

I also found a very very old juicy fruit gum package, but it really wasn't worth saving.

O.K. So that project is done for another Oh... ....Say..........Um......about 5 years. YES!!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Family Pictures

I'm Cheap. I figure with the camera I have, and the amount of money we spent on it I ought to be able to take our own family photo and have it turn out at least fair. Why pay some expensive photographer. Right? So here are a few attempts.LOOK AT THE CAMERA!! KEEP YOUR HANDS DOWN!



O.K. so maybe not. I think we took over 50 pictures. So which one do you like best?

Well, we had fun on our annual family drive up to the top of BoulderMountain anyway. Even if the pictures didn't turn out so well. That's what I get for planning to take them. They always turn out better if I don't plan it.

HI there

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Crazy Ideas

So, I got home after dropping off the kids at school and, of course, crossguarding, and decided, spur of the moment, to prune my bushes. Now I wish I'd of done a before shot, but oh well. I sat and stared at the bushes for awhile trying to see some hidden figures in them just waiting for my creative touch to help them emerge, but that didn't happen so I just started pruning. Now I know it's not obvious right now but the 2nd picture and the bush on the viewers left is supposed to look like a cute little stuffed dog laying flat on its belly. I know, I know you can barely even tell that it's still a bush but oh well as the years go by and I continue to prune the shape will hopefully continue to form. The 1rst picture and the bush on the viewers right is supposed to be a worm or snake (sigh). and the middle bush is a square, my best piece I'm sure. Ah well, It was a great project and I sure enjoyed myself. I've found that now that it's fall and the weathers getting colder just when everyone who loves yard work is getting ready for winter and those that hate it are looking forward to winter I'm just barely able to really start on yard work because of having a new baby.. So I should really be ready for next spring.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Boys Grow

Boys Grow

The hay is cut
They stacked it high
to feed the cattle
winter's nigh

The air is chill
My nose is cold
The shadows stretch
The leaves are gold.

It froze last night
mid-day's still hot
The light has changed
I like it a lot.

The birds fly south
The fruit is ripe
The days grow short
we change sprinkler pipe

In spring 'twas hard
Boys worked together
But seasons end
With change in weather

Young boys grow strong
With work to do
It still aint easy
They muddle through

But now alone
they change each line
They jump right in
They do it fine

What once they
couldn't do alone
they finish now
each on their own.

Yes, seasons change
And boys grow
Just like the leaves
My hearts a glow.

-Cathy Brian-

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Real Reason

The Real Reason

Sitting in my Daddy’s saddle with my feet a hanging down.
I look at Daddy’s’ stirrups and my face begins to frown.

My feet they cannot reach them my legs aren’t long enough.
So just how am I supposed to go and do my cowboy stuff?

I turn to look at Daddy He just stands there in his place.
But I see a strange expression emerge upon his face.

It’s like I can almost read it, a memory from his youth,
And he looks me in the eyes and he tells a simple truth.

“Boy,” he says in earnest. “Those stirrups they aint moving.
You’ll have to ride my horse like that. And while riding you’ll be proving

That one day you’ll be big enough to sit upon my horse
And I promise, son, that day will come and you’ll find you’ve no remorse

You’ll have learned to sit up tall and straight and hold on with your knees.
You’ll be a real cowboy and you’ll ride your horse with ease.”

And as I turned to ride away my feet still hanging free
I didn’t see his grinning face while he was watching me.

And I didn’t hear him mumble something ’bout not re-arranging
Because them danged old stirrups, it was just to hard to change ’em.

-Cathy Brian-

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

As They Grow

It really dosen't seem possible to me that my boys are growing up so fast. Today

Roger called and told me to get Braden, 11 years old, and have him drive our little tracker from the lower field, where he'd left it, to the field in the lane about 10-15 miles away and part of the way on a paved road. So, as I followed behind praying that he wouldn't end up in a metallic heap along side the road, I kept telling myself over and over "He'll be OK. He'll be OK" and reminding myself about the time I followed him down the highway as he drove the tractor through the lane when he was 10. Why do Dads think the only way to learn is to jump in and do?

Oh all right I guess That is a good way to learn, but for heaven sakes, Why do the Moms have to supervise? SHEESH!