Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Real Reason

The Real Reason

Sitting in my Daddy’s saddle with my feet a hanging down.
I look at Daddy’s’ stirrups and my face begins to frown.

My feet they cannot reach them my legs aren’t long enough.
So just how am I supposed to go and do my cowboy stuff?

I turn to look at Daddy He just stands there in his place.
But I see a strange expression emerge upon his face.

It’s like I can almost read it, a memory from his youth,
And he looks me in the eyes and he tells a simple truth.

“Boy,” he says in earnest. “Those stirrups they aint moving.
You’ll have to ride my horse like that. And while riding you’ll be proving

That one day you’ll be big enough to sit upon my horse
And I promise, son, that day will come and you’ll find you’ve no remorse

You’ll have learned to sit up tall and straight and hold on with your knees.
You’ll be a real cowboy and you’ll ride your horse with ease.”

And as I turned to ride away my feet still hanging free
I didn’t see his grinning face while he was watching me.

And I didn’t hear him mumble something ’bout not re-arranging
Because them danged old stirrups, it was just to hard to change ’em.

-Cathy Brian-

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