Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Well It Sounded Fun! And I Was Curious.

I've seen this little questionair on a couple of blogs And it intrigued me so I tried it. Here are the results I got.

The Questions

What does Mom always tell you? Braden: NO!

Caib: do your homework:

Aubree: My name.

Chance: Chancee boy

Dad: I don't know what you always tell me.(Deep Thinker)

What makes mom happy? Braden: When I'm happy

Caid: Wden I get up and take care of the cow without complaining.


Chance: You (Wise for an almost 3 year old)

Dad; Being out doing stuff with family

What makes mom sad? Braden: The ending of the book Summer of the Monkeys

Caib: That Book(Summer of the Monkeys): (We"ve been reading for about an hour every Night,more if they can talk me into it)

Aubree: When I'm late getting home

Chance: You ( More wisdom)

Dad: Many things, family problems.

How does mom make you laugh? Braden:When you stare at me.

Caib: When you tell me funny things.\

Aubree:tickles me

Chance: Because

Dad: burning meat (He thinks I burn meat every time I cook it. But it's his fault he calls me on the phone and distracts me every time I try to cook. Oh and I'm a well done while he's a medium rare)

How old is mom? Braden:39 (He's right, sigh)

Caib: 37(I asked my Mom how old she was when she was 42 years old and for the next 10 years, or maybe 20, when ever any one asked me how old my mom was I told them 42. and I was serious. That's what I thought)

Aubree: 23( I love Her perception)

Chance you big(His, too)

Dad: 38, Oh I mean 39

How tall is mom Braden: Uh, I don't know, like 5'6"( and a half)

Caib: I don't know......5'

Aubree: ummm Bigger than me.

Chance: (He's given up)

Dad: 5'6"

What does Mom like to do? Braden: Go on dates with Dad

Caib: Mow the lawn

Aubree: Snuggle with Oaklee and be near us

Chance: (still won't answer)

Dad: Walks, yard work

What is Mom's Job? Braden:Crossing guard and being Mom

Caib:Crossing guard Make dinner and feed us.

Aubree: The crosswalk

Chance:(He's Back) take care of me

Dad: Mother

What is moms favorite food? Braden: It's not mutton I know that. OH! pork chops.

Caib: lasagna

Aubree: Soup

Chance: On the Table?( see, Still 3 year old wisdom. I love any food that is prepared and on the table)

Dad: Fruits and Vegetables(He said he was trying to think of stuff I buy at the store that he never would buy. MEN!!)

How do you know mom loves you? Braden: Cause your my mom.

Caib: You do my laundry

Aubree: because your my mommy.

Chance (laughs) You love me!

Dad: Because you tell me.(DUH!!! If I didn't tell him would he still know that I love him? actually He was in a hurry to get up to the church..It's Tuesday night.)

So there you go This was actually really fun and very enlightening.

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