Friday, September 19, 2008

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For just over a week now I have had some, in my
view, very welcome guests at my house. The bugs this year have been terrible so when my neighbors chickens showed up I haven't minded at all. But, Roger did make a comment about the birds.
He said: "You'd think if we wanted chickens wandering in our yard we would turn our own out." That's right we have our own chickens and they have just started laying so I haven't let them wander. I want to get them used to laying eggs in their boxes.

After Rogers comment I assured him that as many bugs as we've had this year I really didn't mind having the chickens around. but the funny thing was Bradens comment. He Pointed out that the neighbors chinkens aren't bad to have around after all they have to put up with our flies.

Apparently, Braden sees the fly eppidemic as a direct result of our livestock.

Rogers only comment after that was "Good Point"

And we went about our activities enjoying the chickens as they wandered the yard pecking at all manner of creepy crawlies.

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