Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another spur of the moment project:

Chance happened to notice that one of his tractor tires had fallen down the heat vent in my bedroom so I, playing the heroic mom, pulled the vent out of the floor and rescued his poor tire.Of course, that's when I noticed all the dirt and dust down there and grabbed the shop vac. and proceeded to do what very rarely gets done, much less thought about, that is...I vaccuumed out the vent. Boy, is that a satisfying job. So satisfying that I just kept shoving the vacuum hose in as far as it would go hearing it slurp and suck was amazing. I didn't realize that so much sh.....umm stuff could be in a heating vent.

so heres a picture of just two of the things I found.
Now I don't know about you, but I'm almost 40 and I don't ever remember valentines looking like this.

I also found a very very old juicy fruit gum package, but it really wasn't worth saving.

O.K. So that project is done for another Oh... ....Say..........Um......about 5 years. YES!!!!!

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Felicia said...

Those valentines are awesome! I bet you could sell them on e-bay.

A lady from my quilt guild in Logan found some valentines of that "vintage" in her grandma's house, and she photocopied and laminated them, and then put a magnet on the back so we could put them on our fridge. Everyone LOVED it!
I keep meaning to give mine to Becky Adams because she collects vintage stuff.