Monday, September 8, 2008

Boys Grow

Boys Grow

The hay is cut
They stacked it high
to feed the cattle
winter's nigh

The air is chill
My nose is cold
The shadows stretch
The leaves are gold.

It froze last night
mid-day's still hot
The light has changed
I like it a lot.

The birds fly south
The fruit is ripe
The days grow short
we change sprinkler pipe

In spring 'twas hard
Boys worked together
But seasons end
With change in weather

Young boys grow strong
With work to do
It still aint easy
They muddle through

But now alone
they change each line
They jump right in
They do it fine

What once they
couldn't do alone
they finish now
each on their own.

Yes, seasons change
And boys grow
Just like the leaves
My hearts a glow.

-Cathy Brian-


Adams Family said...

I love your poems you capture moments and touch heart strings so well. I either laugh or cry, sometimes a little of both.

Felicia said...

I love it!