Friday, September 26, 2008


This summer Dad made a trade with son which involved son getting a new puppy. Son wanted a Lab but Dad kept telling him "No way they're just to big you can have a heeler." so for the last few months KSL classifieds have been sons "video game" and whenever he found a batch of puppies that looked promising we'd have to spend the rest of the day telling him to just be patient we'd find a puppy but he usually ended up in tears. Well, sons birthday is Oct. 1rst,he's turning 12, and so he finally got his dog as a birthday present and the surprise was it was exactly what he wanted, a lab(sigh) But it is a dang cute dog. And son is soooooo happy.

There is a long history of dogs behind this boy. He's had a lot of dogs but he lost each one and then we'd have to console his tender heart as he'd cry every time he'd think about his most recently lost dog. The catch was that his past dogs were all supposed to be working cow dogs and if they wouldn't work, well, they had to go. So this dog is to be just simply a companion dog . Oh, he named it Angie after a girl in a Louis La'mour.I believe the book is Hondo.

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