Monday, September 15, 2008

Family Pictures

I'm Cheap. I figure with the camera I have, and the amount of money we spent on it I ought to be able to take our own family photo and have it turn out at least fair. Why pay some expensive photographer. Right? So here are a few attempts.LOOK AT THE CAMERA!! KEEP YOUR HANDS DOWN!



O.K. so maybe not. I think we took over 50 pictures. So which one do you like best?

Well, we had fun on our annual family drive up to the top of BoulderMountain anyway. Even if the pictures didn't turn out so well. That's what I get for planning to take them. They always turn out better if I don't plan it.

HI there


Rob said...

Some are actually pretty cute. Which one is "the" family picture?

Felicia said...

Hilarious! The last time we had pictures, my brother took them and I think he took around 85. We got two that were okay. That was in 2005. I'm bracing myself to try again soon...

I love the one that doesn't show ANYONE'S eyes! Okay, really I like the last three best. Whichever shows your family's personality best.

Boy Mom said...

Second to the last one.
We really need family pictures again too, Jacob is a senior this year it's not gonna get easier to get them all to cooperate but I sure am dreading it.