Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tough love?

My son ran away today.... He didn't want to change his sprinklers, he finally came home after dark. I asked him where he'd gone, "I was just walking around" "well," says I you just go back outside and walk around until those sprinklers are changed and then you can come home." He went and changed his sprinklers!! It's so nice to have him home! 
Sigh.... Is tough love, tough on the kid, or the Mom? 

Friday, August 26, 2016

Things I've learned at the bakery.

You may not believe it, but I do, that even places are affected by the absence of a single person. It seems that every time that Ardell Leaves for more then a day, there are subtle yet obvious mishaps that indicate her absence. What happens isn't so important. But, the knowledge that she is an essential part of the life of the bakery becomes obvious.  I think we all have that much worth, we all have an effect on things and people and events that we are commonly involved in. We all have value beyond compare. So don't misjudge your worth, don't feel as if you are not important don't even let the thought notice you, for we are all more powerful than you can imagine!! 
And that is why I miss you when you're gone.