Thursday, February 7, 2008

Going Crazy

What kind of a world do you live in? I just realized the other day that it can't be just me that feels as if the world is somehow spinning out of control.
Roger called. I've been experiencing washer troubles. My washer is slowly dying. Roger decided that maybe he would check into a new washer and for some strange reason called up and asked me what the brand name on my refrigerator was I went and looked and told him "It's a hotpoint" "O.K. so whats the brand name on the stove?" Was his next question I walked over looked and told him "It's a Fridgedair" I think That clinches it. This world is a mess and we are all just goin' with the flow. I wonder when we'll all wake up look around in complete shock and realize the real mess we're in.
(I just thought this was a cute picture and I like it when people have pictures on their blogs)

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