Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Not a Cloud in the Sky

This morning I woke up After another long night of unsuccesful bathroom breaks. I was tired. It had caused me to spend the Early morning hours in disturbed dreams. It really was a relief to get out of bed and rush to get my two oldest boys off to school. As I sat up I heard the pleasant sound of My oldest boy starting a fire in the wood burning stove. He's getting pretty good at it. Then He hurried to get dressed so that he could go out and water and feed the two calves that they are raising. When he came back in his comment was. Wow That only took me ten minutes. If I get out of bed at 6:30(His alarm goes off about 6:00 A.M. and he reads for awhile) I could feed the horses or dogs too then I wouldn't have any chores after school. I just smiled and nodded knowing that either way this kid was born a true blue cowboy and loves everything about it. I don't have to say a thing about his chores he just does them.
It didn't take long to get Caib up and going either. This kid is not a morning person. But, this morning he was very pleasant. Though we were running late we still got out the door a few minutes early. As I backed out of the garage I looked up at the sky and Said "Wow! No wonder it's so cold theres not a cloud in the sky. After the storm yesterday. the whole world was litterally brittle But it was Beautiful. Braden said, "so, if there are clouds it's warmer outside?" "you bet" I told him. So I shouldn't complain when it's cloudy, should I?

I am the crossing guard here in Loa. I really enjoy doing it. I have to be on the corner with everything set up, lights on and cones out, by 7:45 A.M. At 8:05 The bell rings and I can put the cones away and turn off the lights and go home. This year in the mornings I have three kids that cross. Two of them are hit and miss some mornings their moms or dads will take them to school but, the one little girl crosses every day no matter what. This morning it was just her. So I sat in my little Geo, Tracker and watched the whole town wake up. It only takes that 20 minutes for rush hour to come and go and all the businesses to open and come alive with people.

I'm greatful for the clouds in the sky that keep things warmer and then cause us to marvel at the beauty of a perfectly coudless sky.

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