Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday morning. I woke up feeling anxious and irritable. Last week was a long week. I'm trying to act happy! I thought maybe cleaning my house would help. but, I always seem to loose steam about half way through the whole process, look around and think ahh It's not that bad. SO here I sit checking emails blogging and reading articles on pregnancy (as if this will speed this whole process up).

I am happy to say that the weather seems to have warmed up just a little. I think being able to go outside with out two undershirts, long johns, a couple of sweatshirts, a vest, a jacket and finally a coat. just to run get into the car will make a big difference. This has been an extremely cold winter here in Loa. The 7,000 foot elevation of our little town contributes a lot to the cold temperatures.

Yesterday evening Roger and I were out putting up posters for a cowboy poetry gathering in Moab. The weather had been kinda snowy and wet all day. But I commented on how when it does snow or rain that it's kinda weird how you can look around and The mountains on every side of us are getting pounded with snow and we never get more than a skiff of snow to maybe three inches. and if we do get three inches the wind just blows it away. Roger, Who is in the middle of calving, Said " I think it's more of a blessing. " He's right. We'd probably loose a lot more calves to the elements if we had more snow in the valley. I'm just glad it's warmed up a little.

O.K. I'm gonna get back to my cleaning before I loose all the rest of my energy sitting here typing long and boring blogs about the weather of all things. SIGHHHHHHH! Will winter never end?

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