Friday, February 15, 2008

My Lack of Organization

Some how My two year old was born with the ability to organize. Don't ask me where he got it from. Unless I had a small store of it hidden somewhere in my genetic pool and he happened to latch onto it in vitro (is that how it's spelled?) That is a very big possibility because ever since his birth I have been less organized and more scatter brained then ever. In other words I lost what little ability I did have. So here he is with his latest orgnizing drill. Usually he lines up every single matchbox car and Cars car that he can find.
so my question is how do you get mad at such an organized mess by a two year old?
It's impossible!!!
I just hope it's not some compulsive disorder that will get worse with age because if it is he picked the wrong family to be a part of. The thing that scares me is just try to move one car or paper out of line and you might just discover a whole new meaning to the terrible twos.

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