Thursday, March 25, 2010

You just can't change gender! I'm SORRY!!

A very common topic around this little country ranch house is............You guessed it, horses.
Having your own horse (and dog) around here is just part of who we are. The Most frequently talked about area is the birth of a new colt or filly each spring and who will get the new little horse. We have one brood mare.
So....Sunday morning Chance begins talking about the foal that will be born this spring. I guess at some point he has concluded that the little horse will be his.
"I'm going to name my horse Jack." Says Chance.
"What if your horse is a girl?" questions Caib.
"My horse is not a girl." Chance replies.
"It Could be" says Caib
"NO IT CAN'T!!" shout's Chance "A GIRL ISN'T NAMED JACK!"
"You could call it Jaquelin if it turns out to be a girl." I meekly try.
"MOM, My horse is a BOY" He growls
"But what if it IS a girl?" says Caib, trying not to laugh.
"CAIB!!!!" Chance, again, shouts, with exasperation this time. "A BOY CAN NOT BE A GIRL! MY HORSES NAME IS JACK!!!"
I don't think were going to tell this kid what gender his horse is. It's just easier that way.


Felicia said...

I agree. You just can't change gender.

Looks like our little Amelia Jane is going to need to be named Logan, or Matthew, or something a little more masculine :o)

Adams Family said...

Maybe he does know and you guys are just bugging the heck out of him. ;)

Techno Grandma said...

I certainly hope it is a boy.

More Joy in "The Service" said...

Love the post! So what years were you on your mission. We have a lady in our ward who went to Texas on her mission she was there is 1994.
That was a way random question! I am just curious. Love you all!