Monday, August 13, 2012

remember the blessings

Hobbling around for 10 days has say the least.... quite annoying.  Saturday I was in a bit of a bad mood because I was so tired of having to deal with crutches and get around.  We were on our way to Orderville to watch Braden play in the championship game at a tournament they'd been in for baseball.
We'd stopped to use the restroom at one point and I was hobbling around being miserable as I tried as best I could to help Oaklee use the bathroom and clean up.  She finally looked up at me and said.  "Well, mom good thing you can still use the bathroom."

How right she was.  sigh... sometimes I forget to appreciate the things I can do with a messed up ankle.

They lost the championship game by a few runs but it was fun to watch Braden scoop up a ball way out in left field and throw it clear in to home plate to get the runner out.  he also had a couple of great hits


Jenny said...

Yeah, it doesn't help all the time but I try to remember the little things. ;)

Adams Family said...

Go Braden, watch out for second base, it's a doozy.