Monday, April 30, 2012

Chancee's Chatterings

I just can't let this one slip by without recording it for posterity.  Yesterday, being Sunday, was pretty much a normal Sunday for us.  We got up got all the chores done that needed to be done before church, got ready for and went to church.  We were there about ten minutes early....not unusual.  As we sat on the bench waiting for the meeting to begin Chancee leaned over and rested his head on my knee for I would say.. about three seconds.  His head popped up he looked up into my eyes smiled and said,   "I just said a prayer for two things." he holds two fingers up and continues, " first that we'll get a little rain today and second that church will seem to go by fast."  Now, as a mom I immediately felt like I'd better say something....just incase.  Then I shrugged glanced towards heaven and said to Heavenly ears alone, "I think I'll let you handle this one."  I'm beginning to understand that, really that's the best way to deal with things anyway.

I'll tell you what.  Church sure went by quick yesterday, and as for rain.....well. I'm sure He knows when to send some.

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Jenny said...

What? I pray for that every Sunday. ;) Great minds think alike.