Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Do two little bucks make a "Big Buck"?

He got his Buck!
O.K. Jenny were gonna have venison Friday night. This could be the plan:
Right after work on Friday you could have your date pick you up and drive down here. We'll have a nice meal with the tender loin. (We'll even send a nice roast home with you) All it'll cost you is the gas to get down here.
The funny thing about this whole deer hunting thing, is that at 7:00 AM Roger and Braden left the house. Braden was completely ready for school. By 8:04 AM when his school starts he was there, having shot and gutted his first deer He'd even had time to get there and show it off to the rest of the , I'm guessing jealous, 6th grade boys.
Bradens statement when he got home was "Well, I got Chance a deer for his birthday."
I'm just glad he got one his first year hunting. He was pretty excited when he called about 7:30 to tell us he'd gotten his first deer.

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