Thursday, October 16, 2008

I thought it turned out cute.

School picture time came around. Here in our little town you have the option of bringing in your preschool kids after school and getting their pictures done, too. so I debated and finally let Roger talk me into taking Chance and Oaklee in and paying the 18.00 apiece for a whole packet of pictures. I was just sure I could take a cute picture myself and just order the 8x10 from walmart so it was only $3.00 But, noooo. Anyway after getting their pictures done I decided to try for a picture of Oaklee. This is what I ended up with. Despite the background couch and the foreground couch cushion I thought the picture of Oaklee was cute enough to hang on the wall for a year. What do you think? I still haven't tried to get Chance to sit for a portrait but I have enough confidence to think I could probably get a cute one of him, too.
Actually I really like the school photographer. I think he does a great job. I was just trying to save a little money.

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Adams Family said...

It did turn out cute and with the right wood frame the couchground will look great. She sure is growing fast.