Monday, November 1, 2010

Hunting,Potty Training, Halloween, 'N Counter tops.

Here's the Hunting, Braden got his but Caibs (which was A LOT bigger) got away.

Here's the Potty Training (It's not working very well)
Halloween dinner in a pumpkin

Oaklee trying to decide what to be.

Aubree in her Puppy Costume the elementary always does a parade around the school block and all the parents sit get to come and watch.

Caib? He actually dressed up as Indiana Jones he had a jacket hat whip and gun but he'd taken all that off and put on my costume. I was an ape at the crossing guard.

Oaklee trying out the ape mask

And finally...Saturday night after we all finished trick or treating I got my new counter tops. I really debated posting this because I think the pictures don't show how pretty they really are.

And they REALLY don't show how BIG they are. you're just going to have to come see them to get the whole effect. they really are beautiful.


Adams Family said...

They are gorgeous!!

susan said...

Love it!

coming soon!

Kathleen said...

What a bunch of cuties!!!

The Colemans said...

Hey do you want to send me those pics?