Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanks giving and Christmas trees

I meant to blog these two pictures last but I forgot. I just thought they were such cute pictures. After a good nap this little guy wakes up happy and excited that we are out getting Christmas trees. "by, Mom!"

We started off Saturday into the mountains near our home every one was so excited to go get Christmas trees. So much so that the two littlest fell asleep. While Aubree started in complaining that her tummy hurt. We didn't think to much of it because Aubree is prone to car sickness but this was something more. Chance catching a quick nap on our way out. Oaklee was asleep in my lap. When she woke up she started in complaining about a sick tummy, too. SIGH

And they're off, ax in hand.

What, you've found one already?

Oaklee playing a few minutes in the snow before deciding it's to cold and her tummy really does hurt.Be vewwy vewwy quiet, we're hunting Christmas trees!

Hmmm! what strange tracks!!What could they be!Ah HA!! Looks like he's got oneTime for inspection. Each tree they cut and bring back and hold up for Mom to see.

We always get extra trees for the widows in the ward.
So to finish the story, Oaklee and Aubree were both sick for the rest of the day. Chance and Dad were sick all night and Dad still looks like death warmed over. aparently we picked up the flu at Thanksgiving dinner. We had a great Thanksgiving despite the flu and had a good time visiting with family. Thanks to all those that put in extra time to make Thanksgiving fun!!


Adams Family said...

It wouldn't be a James family party if a few people didn't get sick. Sorry, I hope the rest of you don't get it.

Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

Ahhh, we have your same flu bug here in eastern utah! We went after trees and had some of the same complaints your family did. nasty stuff going around I think! Our dad can't seem to shake it.
Your tree looks pretty. We don't have any widows that want a live tree many did (trees)you end up getting? We have had lots of fun times going after Christmas trees!
Enjoy your week, hope everyone getys better!

real-life said...

Who was it that passed on the sickness. I was sick Sat night, sunday morning. Those darn parties, sometimes I wonder if it's all worth the sickness we are bound to have later. I know it is. Sigh. Love the picture of Oaklee looking surprised!

Jennifer said...

Great pictures! We always used to go up to the mountains to cut our tree. Sorry about the flu! It's been going around my family too.

Boy Mom said...

Wow! Christmas Trees are exciting quarry!

Sorry about the tummy thing! Weird! I haven't heard of anyone else sick.