Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chancee's Chatterings

Church is a trial for Chance It's "SOOO LOOOOONG!!!" and it's soooo hard for him to sit still. But he's learning.
A couple of weeks ago his primary teachers were not at church. That's a hard thing for a five year old, to walk into singing time and see that his regular teacher is not there. But He made it through singing time, after coming up front to me a bazillion times to give me a kiss and whisper I love yous into my ear.
All was going well as he headed off to class. There was a new kid in his class named Chance, too. His substitute teacher is the first councilor in the bishopric. After church this normally somber serious man was giggling quite a bit as he found Roger and told him of his experience teaching the 4-5 year old primary kids. Aparently their teacher usually has a snack for them. Brother Petty, the substitute, had, more then likely, been asked 2 minutes before singing time to teach this class so of course he didn't have a snack and this didn't go over very well. Towards the end of class, one of the kids abruptly asked him where their snack was. He got just a bit flustered but with a quick recovery he said to the class that today they were going to use their imaginations and pretend that they had a snack to eat. The new kid looked at the teacher and said, "My imagination is to tired"
That's when Chancee piped up, "Mines Not' says Chance, "My imagination has a force field around it, it never get's tired!!"
How true that is!!!

the whole month of November we had a Jedi in training living at our house

Check out this move!!

He must be a full fledged Jedi knight now because today he wore his spiderman suit all day.


Julie Harward said...

That is s cute....reminds me of Tiffany;s little Caleb...when he learns about something, he becomes he was David and everyone else was Goliath for weeks and then after seeing the Christus, he was Jesus and then He was Joseph praying in the grove. Kids are a hoot! (Now I know where Lindsey's Michael gets shooting the tree down must be a Wayne Co. thing!) ;D

Cheyenne said...

HAHA! I love it. I wondered what he imagined to eat...

Listen Lady, don't know if you are done having children, or what, and this will seem like a strange request..but I would LOVE to hear of other names you like. I just love your kid's name's and would love to hear other suggestions or names you like...but of course, if you are stashing names up for future babes, I understand! :) I know it's strange....I know it's super strange, but I am just kind of like that! :)