Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I love Christmas!!

Christmas eve after the festivities at Grandmas house and seeing Rudolph come and peek in her window, as usual, with glowing red nose and all. We hurried home to open our Christmas eve presents- New PJ's for everyone. I didn't have my camera with me at Grandma's ;( and Chance fell asleep on the couch before I finally found it and started taking pictures.
And then Christmas morning came dark and early

Oaklee wasn't sure she was even happy about the whole situation. She'd been sick since Tuesday and this was the first Morning she hadn't woke up with a temperature.

Waiting at the door of Moms room for Dad to turn on the Christmas tree. and Oaklee on her new Pink Bike.

The most exciting present of all, both for the giver and the receiver. Aubree had asked for a toy dog that cost a lot. She'd been asking all year for a real dog until I finally told her if she wanted one she could save her money up until she could buy one. She had 70.00 dollars saved and it didn't even occure to her to ask Santa for a real dog. Santa didn't bring her one though. Dad did. He had Braden run outside by the hay stack and get the dog, when the dog was on the front porch it started whining so Caib and I started talking really loud as Dad had Aubree open up a small package with a dog collar in it. At the appropriate time Caib and I quit talking but the puppy was silent we all laughed and Aubree stood there with a confused look until Braden opened the door and the puppy came running in. It was fun!!

She also got a bb gun which she did ask Santa for.

Caib with his new gloves and fencing tool.

Braden a new belt buckle and some ammo

And then there's Chance, He's quite a kid! He's been telling everyone that when he grows up he's going to be a Paleontologist. So Santa brought him a rock with dinosaur bones in it. He'd been digging away for hours and then a couple of days before I got tired of the little gravel scattered all over the table and floor.

I finally cleaned up the mess and put the rock and bones in the cupboard for a few days. Oh, but we had a GREAT Christmas. Braden was sick all day and then Sunday he was worse and finally Monday I took him to the clinic and he was diagnosed with strep. UGGH!!! Chance and Aubree came down with it that Monday and Caib woke up this morning with a Major sore throat. sigh. Hopefully we'll all be better for the New Year holiday and the rest of the winter months.

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