Friday, December 10, 2010

Antics of Oaklee

OK, I have a question. Do you have to be a boy to be a daddy's girl? Seriously.
We have the pleasure of spending an extra one to two hours a night with the little est daughter She is definitely a night person. She's so pleasant and happy at night but a bear in the morning. So... last night we'd gotten all the kids to bed except the little one and we sat down to watch the only show we ever watch on TV, The Mentalist, Dad was feeling lucky because he was getting Oaklee to let him hold her and snuggle her(That's not gonna happen in the mornings) I was enjoying the fact that I could actually follow the story line of the show with out being interrupted by the little ones when dad went and screwed everything up. He was holding Oaklee and playing with her and taking her to the new kitchen to eat crackers and cheese with him when he made his little mistake. He grabbed Oaklee in a big bear hug and said something like this: "Mom, This is my little Daddy's girl" uh oh! You could see the stiffening and the stubbornness emerge from the tip of her head to her little toes..

"I not a Daddy's girl!!! I not a boy"
HUH? was the almost audible expression on my face.
"Yes", says Roger she keeps telling me that, watch"

He turns back to Oaklee and says, "come here Daddy's girl"

Whoa, for the frost mingled with determination that flew from her eyes.

"NO, I NOT A BOY" she says, as firmly as she can.

So, the question: Do you have to be a boy to be a daddy's girl?
I'm pretty sure that's what's going through her little mind.


Cheyenne said...

Too cute!

Suz said...

I hope you explain that is a "good thing" to be "Daddy's little girl."
I think you might be in trouble when she realizes that.

She is a cutie!



Boy Mom said...

I love how much thinking they do and how perfectly crazy some of their ideas are. If only we adults could see that we do the same thing and sound just as silly.

She is adorable.