Saturday, December 18, 2010

Santa Claus

We must be the luckiest people around here in our tiny, little town. I know there are a lot of impostor Santa Claus's out there but, not ours. Ours is the real life, dyed in the wool, true blue through and through Santa. It all begins with a notice in the paper letting us know that Santa will be coming for a visit to the fire house. He parks his sleigh out of town and meets the fire truck. One of the firemen picks him up and brings him into town with sirens blaring. They circle the town so that all the kids know that Santa is here and the kids rush down to the fire house to wait for Santa.
Here He is!!!

The kids are so excited that as soon as the fire truck is parked they Run to Santa. Santa steps out of the fire truck with wide open arms and his hearty HO HO HO!!
These kids know that this is the real Santa. They can feel it.
He visits for a minute while the fireman sets up a chair for Santa to sit in and then..
Santa leads them in a song of Rudolph The Red nose Reindeer

In our family Oaklee was first We got a quick cheese, she squeaked out that she wanted a pink bike ,and jumped down to get her treat from Santa.

Chance was next. Santa reminded the kids that Santa may not be able to bring exactly what they want but he'll do his best. He asked Chance if he would do him a favor on Christmas eve. Santa then proceeded to tell Chance that Rudolph and the other reindeer get a little tired while flying all around the world and he asked Chance if he would be willing to leave a little piece of celery or a carrot out for Rudolph. Chance was of course more then willing to do that for Santa.

And Aubree was the last one in our family to sit on Santa's lap. She asked for the
things she wanted most and grabbed her treat and we headed home even more excited then ever for Christmas!! It was so fun to see Such a neat person who loves kids and is the perfect example of caring and giving. Yep, we are the luckiest little town in the world!!


Boy Mom said...

Just before Thanksgiving around 3:00 AM I was sitting at work doing my thing when my buzzer rang. The buzzer means I have a patient out front and need to make sure they get to where they need to be for an xray or catscan, I walked out and there was Santa Clause in a hospital gown and jeans. I couldn't stop staring, I had cold tingles, I called the xray tech then stood staring at, The Big Guy, as he's known at our house. "I've got to be at the mall tomorrow" he said.
I nodded still speechless, "I'll hold several thousand children between now and Christmas and I can't have a cough." He winked at me.
"That's so cool," was all I managed to get out.

Apparantly Oaklee and I are about the same Santa age. I didn't even remember to tell him what I wanted for Christmas.

Jennifer said...

How fun!