Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chancee's Chatterings and Antics of Oaklee

Amidst the excitement of Christmas life still moves on. We've had some fun memories made and not just with putting in the tree, although that is always a fun memory. This year Braden wanted to put the silver garland on the tree. We haven't put it on for a few years. In the past Dad has always done the lights and garland because no one else was tall enough. This year Dad put on the lights but handed the garland to Braden to put on. He did a great job of putting the garland on but dad did step in at the last minute to help. This year there was quite a bit of snow on the mountain so we couldn't get very high up to give ourselves a better choice of tree's but, I don't care. I love every tree we get. The memories are made no matter what shape the tree is.
One year we got a Christmas train from Uncle Bart and Aunt Mindi. The kids LOVE it. It plays beautiful Christmas music over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over....and I love that even that is a good memory.
As we walked home from church today in the cold weather, Chance as usual, was in front and behind and here and there and as he walked up ahead at one point we could tell he was intrigued by something at the side of the road. As we got closer he looked up at me and said, "Mom, Look at that ant hill, all those ants must be at Church." Sure enough no ants were out. "Well, I guess so." says I. Chance stood there for a minute and then kind of chuckled as he said almost to himself, "Hm that's funny ants going to church." and he turned and took off for home. Caib, looked over at me laughed and said, "Chancee's Chattering!" "Yep!"
Antics of Oaklee: Dad was home from church for Sunday dinner and a few minutes of rest before he had to go back up to church and while he was home Oaklee brought him one of Chancee's swords and said, "Here Dad, let's fight."
She kept one for herself and they began to fence. They were having a great time until Dad reached down with his sword and flicked Oaklee's hair up. "Hey", says Oaklee, "Don't do that."
Not able to resist Dad once again reaches down with his sword and flicks the other side of her hair up. "Don't mess my hair" says Oaklee as she drops her sword and runs for the bathroom. She was back in a flash with her hairbrush and brushed her hair for a minute, set the brush on the table said, "There." and picked up her sword and began fighting again. Once again not able to resist Dad reaches in and flips her hair with the sword. Oh the disgust, "Dad!, STOP! DON"T mess my hair." again the sword goes down and up comes the brush.
Who says girls are the same as boys? I believe you are sadly mistaken!!

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Jennifer said...

Your tree is so pretty! We finally got ours up last night.
Loved the ants going to church story, that made me chuckle!