Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Daddy, Daughter, Dances

It is so sad to me what dances have become. Here in Loa the "Good ol' family" dances at weddings are even fading out. But not here in our home, We regularly have dances. My camera ran out of memory while I recorded this but if you watch Oaklee closely you can tell how comfortable she is with dancing. I Love my Husband!! I Love his longing for the good old days where things were clean, fun and everyone went home happy and fulfilled. One of my favorite things to do with Roger is Dance with him right here in our very own home.yes, she slowly drifted off to sleep as I recorded. and yes, that's either Caib or Braden singing along in the background. Earlier Aubree danced with dad in the traditional "stand on dad's feet" style. I love our family dances!!!


Suz said...

So beautiful. Our children are so blessed and so are the both of you!



Boy Mom said...

I'm sorry that tradition is dying at weddings I thought it was one of the best things about Loa.

It's so fun that Roger dances with you and the girls. Way to keep the tradition going.

Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

We taught our stake youth to dance a few years back. We had a lot of fun, but you're right, an old fashioned dance is almost a thing of the past.
Your little clip was way cute!
I'm proud of you guys, dancing in your kitchen.
we've done some of that, mostly me twisting arms of sons! LOL
Happy Mothers Day!
Enjoy your day.

Stephanie said...

Oh, that is so cute. I miss good old fashioned dancing too!