Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Can You Handle It?

It's that infamous goat again, Oreo.

Oreo often comes up in our discussions as we talk about animals and their care. "What are we going to do with him?" Is the most frequently asked question. He came to us from a generous fifth grade teacher who was worried that he might hurt her littlest children. You see, he thinks he's big and tough and he tries to prove it by raring up and butting at people. As of yet he hasn't actually taken any one out. but he has knocked down a two year old under the close supervision of her Father. The two year old would not listen to her dad and kept on sneaking into the goat pen. I think she learned her lesson and stayed out of the corral for at least another 30 min.

All in All the goat even scares me when he decides he's bigger then he actually is so I always grab a stick when I go into his pen with him.

Molly, my little Rat terrier, decided that she liked the hay manger in the goat pen and that is where she had her four little puppies. The puppies have the coloring of a border collie so I think we may have ended up with some Border Rats. sigh

The puppies eyes have been open now for a few days. That's when Aubree and Chance start thinking it's fun to get the puppies out on the grass and play with them. This is a problem, remember the puppies were born in the goats manger. So Aubree had a friend over one afternoon and asked if they could get the puppies out to play with them. "sure" says I.

A little bit later she comes back in and tells me they can't get the puppies out because of the goat. "Braden or Caib," I say. Run get the puppies out for Aubree."

That's when the "big brother" talk began: "Oh My Heck, Aubree, that goat isn't scary just go in and get the puppies."

Aubree: (in a whiny tone) " NO It's too scary It always jumps up"

Braden: (tough voice) "It always jumps at me, but I just ignore it. It never touches me."

Caib: (disgustedly) "That goat won't hurt you just go in and get the puppies yourself."

Aubree: (verge of tears) "I caaan't"

Chance enters scene walking tough: " I can handle the goat."

Dad: "Really, how do you handle it?"

Chance: "It's easy, I just go get Braden or Caib."

Ah Ha!!!! so that's how it works.

Braden went out and got the puppies for Aubree. After all, if your the "goat handler"......... I guess it's alright to go, well, handle the goat.

Caib put the puppies away when they were done.


Julie Harward said...

Well..they were born in the goats manger..so really, they do belong to Oreo you know! LOl Come say hi :D

Suz said...

So is border rat coloring the same as OREO? JK.

I love the "Goat Handler" pic....jsut too cute.



The Colemans said...

That is funny. I can hear their voices as I read it and that makes it even funnier. I am literally lol:)

Techno Grandma said...

Isn't that the goat that's, like, two feet tall? This is Jenny in case you didn't note the sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

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Boy Mom said...

I think we need border rat pictures. I wonder, if you fed Oreo a lot of double stuffed Oreo's
would your Oreo troubles be over?