Friday, April 9, 2010

I’m Experimenting.


Bleeding, wrenched, and mangled on the ground near my feet,
All that was held dear to me, everything good and sweet.

Torn and trampled harshly where, when I cry, my tears

Fall up on the remnants, leaving bloody smears.

And were I to try to mend it, slowly piece by piece,
The task would prove impossible. Alone I can't increase.

I stare towards the sorrow, my gaze fixed on the hurt

That's lying still and silent, there upon the dirt.

I can not bare the sight of it, and I avert my face
I look towards the heavens to find a better place.

In truth, I turned the farthest from the pain which I could.
Of course in turning I see heaven. I knew that I would.

That was all that was required, the turning was my part.

And now the One in Heaven can mend my broken heart.

-Cathy Brian-

I just got Microsoft word on my computer a month or so ago.(I know, I know It's about time.) and I've been experimenting with all the different things I can now do. One, of which, is publish things to the web. so I tried it with this poem I recently wrote. It worked! but I can't get the spacing right. Oh well.

I've also been contemplating blogging this:

a few days ago Caib was laying on the couch. I walked into the family room and Caib looks up at me and says, "I'm not sure that my brain is entirely stable."

"Uh, Caib, I'm not sure if I would admit to that" Says I

Come to find out, He meant that he gets a lot of headaches.

We've laughed about that all week. But seriously The more I think about it the more I think If we would all confess our fear that our brains might not all be entirely stable, we might just solve a lot of problems in this life. I think a lot of life's problems just might stem from people refusing to acknowledge the condition of their brains.

heh,heh,heh, hee hee ha ha haa heee heeheh!!!!!!


smadamom said...

LOL loved the picture and the poem.

Suz said...

Great poem.

If you can get a doctors order, I'd be happy to can scan your brain. I am really worried about your eyes. HA-HA!

Jenny said...

Well, you admitted to me that you have a little voice in you head reminding you that you don't like King Arthur stories. So, congrats, you've taken that fist step to admitting your brain is unstable.

susan said...

I've surrendered to the voices...