Monday, April 5, 2010


Well, Easter time has come and gone. As always we had a blast.

Amid the bubble blowing

and the hill and rock climbing, We did something a little bit different this year. Chance wanted to bring his sled with him to slide down the dirt hills

The big kids tried it first It worked like a charm!! So for most of the time the kids climbed the hill and sleded down. I tell you what. In Wayne County this way out does sledding on snow!!

Then came the egg rolling. This year was more of an "egg throw and try to hit the moms at the bottom of the hill taking pictures."
The wind was blowing and in favor of the egg throwers.

It always amazes me how pretty the hill looks after we're done throwing eggs.
This picture really doesn't show it very well.

And then it's a mad dash to the bottom of the hill to find the biggest remnants to pick up and throw back up the hill at the people that haven't finished rolling there eggs. It dosen't pay to spend time delicately rolling your egg to see how far it will go before it breaks.
OOOHHH NOOO!!! This year we finished throwing eggs in record breaking time.

And then it was back to sledding. The only accident we had was little Brinlee, when the sled tipped over at the bottom of the hill and she scraped her cheek and lip. She cried and cried until she got a bandaid and plenty of hugs and kisses. She was soo cute as they were cleaning her up and putting on the bandaid. She said to her mom, "I guess I wasn't tough enough"
She did end up going down a couple of more times with her dad, a little later.

The littlest kids got to do a little sledding, too.

I think just about all the parent's tried the sled out, too. The ones that didn't sure got razzed for it!


Julie Harward said...

How fun...I think Chance has started a new tradition! :D

Adams Family said...

Holy cow, Braden looks just like you in that video.

Suz said...

Wow, you have better weather than us. We had snow, I guess we could of gone sledding too. Oh it snow again today!!

Great traditions.

I guess we aren't coming down. Bummer, hopefully soon though.



Anonymous said...

I did not know how much sledding could be without the snow. Thanks for sharing.