Thursday, April 22, 2010

Redneck Training

So with that in mind.....

Here is the boys "tree house" We built it on top of the existing shed. The porch makes a great place to shoot from.

They're shooting at a metal squirrel target sitting in the yard. There's a looong string attached so that when they hit it they can pull the string and the target pops back up to the right position.

It appeared to me that after each shot there was an enormous amount of discussion and laughing going on.. True redneck!

Yard art. This was Chancee's redneck training for the week. Each day he had to go out and come up with some sort of fancy building project. "They are Teeter Totters" He informed me.

Yes, We begin early. "Git on yer boots, kid"

Redneck Camouflage

How to wear your sweat bottoms.

And when your training is over we guaran...dang...tee that not only will you be a true redneck but you'll look exactly like yer dog. And that is a sign of a true redneck.


Julie Harward said...

That was cute, as are all your posts. You know, them there city folks might think yous tranin some of them there roff top snipers! LOL
Looks like you guys are having there anything left of that critter they've been shooting at?
Come say hi :D

Suz said...

Wow, impressive. Is there a homemade toilet in that there tree house, that isn't in a tree?

That last pic should be on a greetin' card.

Makes me smile ;)



susan said...

I think in your cases "Hick" is a more appropriate term.

Love the picture of Baby Girl and the dog.

What were y'all doing up here?

Scott and Andrea said...

Laughed out loud.