Friday, April 2, 2010

Marking the Calves

Roger asked Braden two weeks ago if he was going to help mark cows or play basketball.Braden thought for a minute and then said "play basketball I guess.........Oh Wait, Is grandma going to make Lasagna"
That's the tradition. When ever they mark calves grandma makes lasagna for lunch. Luckily they aren't playing Basket ball this weekend so Braden didn't have to make such a hard descision. Even though I'm pretty sure Grandma's Lasagna would have been the obvious choice.And..... Today is the day!!
The older kids run the calves through the shoot.

Braden keeping the calves from backing up.

Oaklee wants to help!!

Playing on the gate.

Wishing they were big enough to help!!

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Adams Family said...

Ah the power of food.