Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Activities!!!

We went to the Museum in Price on Thursday. Another family here in the ward decided they were going to go and invited a few more families, us included. We were the only other family who went with them. It was one of those things that I almost dreaded until we got on the road. Then When we got there I really enjoyed it. I think it helped to be with a family that has older girls. They helped take care of Oaklee so that I had a little time to enjoy myself. Now as you browse through my pictures see if you can guess who enjoyed it the most. In fact, all he's done all day to day is talk about how he's going to work in a museum when he gets big. The woolly Mammoth was amazing. The pictures just don't work. It is well worth it to go and see the museum just to see this. It's HUGE!!!!

The Utah raptor

"Hm.... I wonder if my hand will ever get that big."

I also liked this American Bison.

Oaklee Loved this live Soft shelled turtle. I think, secretly the turtle fell in love with Oaklee, too. They spent a long time gazing at each other.

The Mammoth again. I wish the picture could show how big it really is. It Really amazed me.

Here's all the kids that went. 2 families went. 11 children, one grandpa and 2 moms.

And Chance with his new found friend.

I'm so glad we went. Chance got up this morning came into bed with me and the first thing he said was "Mom, can we go to that Newsim again, today"
Then later on during the day today after planting a hundred and fifty pounds of Potatoes, fixing the sprinklers and wearing ourselves out we finally came inside at about 4:00pm and I made the kids lay down and watch the movie "UP" when it got to the part where Ellie Makes Mr. Fredrickson cross his heart. Chance looked at me and said, "Mom, Promise me we can go to the Newsim again, Cross your heart."
So I dutifully crossed my heart. and in a year or two we will.

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