Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Mini Vacation?

We get to take a lot of "mini Vacations" as a family. Yesterday was one of those days. Dad had to do some work on his field studies in Seven Mile so we all went. It was a beautiful day Not to hot a little Windy but just enough that it was pleasant. The cows were enjoying themselves, grazing on the grass between Fish Lake and Johnson's reservoir.
The Pelicans on Johnson's were enjoying the day as well.
We headed up Seven Mile
The boys spent a short time trying to spear a few brook trout in Seven Mile Creek
While Dad Took pictures of the test cages and moved them.

We spent time taking short walks
The boy's hunted Rock chucks

Dad and Aubree went off the trail to pick one of Aubree's favorite wild flowers, the Indian Paintbrush.

There were wild flowers everywhere!!!
The girls were extremely busy trying to find one of each kind.

A wild Columbine.

Of course Mom had to make the kids pose for a few pictures.
Can you blame me. It was so pretty!!

Another family shot.
We had a great time. Except once when the mosquitoes swarmed. But the only one who really suffered from that was Braden, he ended up with 30 plus bites.

It was a wonderful day.........except for one thing.........
Just before we were getting ready to leave Dad and the brothers were Loading Lilly in to the trailer to take her down to a pasture. She was so good. They got her halter on and led her to the trailer. That's when she quit with the "being good" She decided that she was not going to get in and started pulling back. The rope broke and the little metal clasp on the end flew back and caught Roger right on the eyebrow.
So before we could go up on the mountain we had to make a quick trip to the clinic. sigh
I'm pretty sure that the whole reason Roger got nearly knocked senseless was to emphasize the theme for Primary this month. As a member of the bishopric he gets the opportunity every third month to come into the primary and introduce the monthly theme. So this month the theme was
"I can follow the example of Jesus Christ."
He proceeded to tell the kids the story of what had happened to him and why he had a black eye.
He told them that as long as Lilly, the horse, followed behind him and did what he did everything was fine, but as soon as she decided not to trust him and pulled back things didn't go so well and someone got hurt. He then explained to them that when we don't follow the savior then things won't go very well for us and it hurts the savior. He had to suffer for our sins and mistakes.
I think the kids understood why it's so important to follow the savior.

It looks a lot worse today then it did yesterday. His nose was skinned just a little bit.
But Don't you agree? It was a GREAT way to help the children understand how important it is to follow the savior.


Felicia said...

There's always two sides to every story...Roger told me you beat him up :o)

Boy Mom said...

Way to take one for Primary Sunday, Roger.