Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More Then Just Chatterings From Chance

I didn't mention on my last blog Chancee's little Chattering. Notice in the picture Chancee's attire. He was all decked out with gun, holster, Chaps, everything. If he's gonna be a cowboy then he don't leave nothin' out.(FYI cowboys wear action figure shirts. Especially Spider man)
When we left to go up on the mountain Saturday we knew full well that there would be way more people on the mountain then there would be in town. We were right!! tons of people were speeding around on four wheelers, fishing in the creek, and camping a long the road. As we passed by one camp with half a dozen fancy camp trailers and cars, pickups and four wheelers all over the place Chance looked at the people who seemed to be aimlessly wandering around and through all of their "camping gear" and piped up.
"Else those people saw me, a cowboy, They would want to be a cowgirl or cowboy "
Um...Yes, Chance, they most certainly would!!!
All Roger could say about all those people speeding around on four wheelers and squished in to camping spots was, "There sure are a lot of Idiots around."
Braden responded, "Well, their has to be stupid people in the world or their wouldn't be any smart ones."
How true, how true!
So for all you mothers out there Fathers, too. are you looking for unique ways to help your 11-13 year old boys feel empowered? I've found just the thing, provided they are as inexperienced as mine happened to be. Just go down to your local hardware store and buy a combination lock that they are not familiar with. (We live in a place where the lockers in the middle school have no locks on them. They haven't been needed as of yet) Give them the combination show them how to open the lock and then let them try. I actually showed Braden a few times. It didn't matter, when he finally opened the lock there was an amazing amount of confidence and power portrayed in his demeanor. I could actually feel it pumping out as he clenched both fists threw them in the air and shouted with triumph "YES!!!!I DID IT!!!"
I believe he could take on the world now.


Julie Harward said...

You have such a cute family...just love them! I cannot believe you haven't been to Apple Days..so much fun! But then I know you guys are off on your own great adventures! :D

joven said...

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joven said...

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joven said...
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Boy Mom said...

Joven really wants you to follow his blog, really!

I just love Chancee!

When my boys got to Jr. High I wowed them with my mad locker lock skills.