Saturday, July 17, 2010

Chancee's Chatterings/ This is What it's Like Raising Cowboys

There are times that raising cowboys comes in handy if you can get your kids thinking that cowboys are pretty much perfect.

I've used this one on all my boys: Chance was mad at Oaklee because she was doing two year old things and he was being the typical four year old. There was hitting, grabbing, and pulling "my toy" away from each other involved.

"Chance," says I, "You are not a real cowboy if you are mean to girls, even your sister. Real cowboys are NOT mean to girls. They always treat them gently and are very polite."

It didn't work, I still had to pull the two apart and put the toy on the fridge.


Later that day we were outside helping a friend build her shed we were all working pretty hard cutting beams and putting them up, it was hot, we were just about finished when Chance came running up to me and yelled

"MOM!, Mom, guess what I'm almost a real cowboy I just drank out of Braden's hat and it tasted REALLY good!!!!!"

my first thought was OH GROSS!! Hats are like dirty socks to me UHGGG!. But my reply was:

"wow Chance, you sure are"

Chance: (with a big ol grin) That's what Braden told me, that cowboys always drink out of their hats! I am almost a real cowboy, Huh Mom?"

I look forward to the day that Chance comes running excitedly up to me and says:

"MOM MOM,guess what I'm almost a real cowboy I was nice to my sister and I shared my toys with her!!!"

I've got a feeling it's gonna be really soon, really really soon!! sigh


Techno Grandma said...

I'm more interested in where they got the water that was in the hat.

Cowboy mom said...

It was simple tap water, but you should see Bradens old, sweaty, dirty hat!

Nana said...

That cracked me up and, made me sick at the same time. Cute blog. I'm Nana and will be following.