Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chancee's Chatterings

The three oldest boy's are at scout camp this week. The oldest being Dad. SO as you can imagine, with Dad out of the house dinner time is almost non existent for a few day's. But when 6:00 pm rolled around we were hungry and since I needed a few things at the store anyway.......
So, we're walking down the isle at the store, me pushing the cart with Oaklee inside and Aubree and Chance walking along side....Oh alright Aubree was walking along side Chance was bouncing along side, riding underneath, running along side etc. at one point he runs up ahead to see the big blown up cow above the milk section that has been in the store since before he was born. As he comes running back towards the basket he misjudged the speed at which he returned and jumped on to the end of the basket, banging into it a little hard. With a grunt he flings his hand over his heart and says,
"Whoa, I just about broke my brain!"
"uh Chance" says I, "First of all that is not where your brain is. Your brain is in your head. That is where your heart is and you didn't run into the basket hard enough to break it."
"Oh" says Chance, and with no hesitation at all he states, "Well, then I almost cracked my heart."
And then the eyes, the big, BIG, eyes and I just LOVE living with this kid.
I miscarried three boys before he came along and I have a feeling it was this kid trying to come all three times. He must have been SO excited for this life and experience that he just kept trying to sneak out of heaven before it was his turn to go. His personality confirms it. He loves life!!!
(side note) for those interested, My remodeling is starting tomorrow Hopefully it'll be fairly quick and not to inconvenient.

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Julie Harward said...

This kid...what a guy! I love to hear about him the post below is so cute too! ;D