Sunday, July 11, 2010

Oaklee's Birthday SKUNK!!!!!!!

Oaklee's Birthday!!Oaklee two years old and already knows that she is a princess.
We asked her what she wanted for her birthday and her immediate response was

She got this book with a little music cd toy. She loves to turn it on and dance.

So... then we asked her what kind of a cake she wanted. Her response
So she got a "Nanna cake" It's a horrible frosting job but she loved it.

And now for the SKUNK!!
We will be doing some remodeling in my house starting in a week. We're planning on expanding the kitchen into the garage and had to get the garage cleaned out and ready to begin. so there we were putting everything we could onto a trailer to store somewhere else and I reached down under a table to pull out the cover for the 4 wheeler. I quickly pulled my hand away and jumped back, there curled up in a tight little ball was a little black and white fur ball.
Me: Hey Caib, come look at this Skunk!!
Caib: (skeptically) "Is it dead"
Me: (having realized that it's just Molly) "No, It's breathing, come and look"
Caib: (Not very disturbed by the fact that there may be a skunk in our garage) "I saw it earlier But I thought it was Molly"
Me: (well, That explains his nonchalant attitude, especially since I had just seen him react to three skunks out in the alfalfa that he had almost stepped on while changing sprinklers) "Yeah, It's just Molly but for a half a second I was wondering."
Then I suggested that maybe we should stand out on the driveway until Braden and Dad came home and tell them that theres a skunk in the garage. Even that didn't work because just before Those two came back Molly uncurled and squeezed herself out of her comfy spot. Sigh, a great practical joke gone bad.
Oh well, The garage is cleaned and ready for remodeling and I even had extra help weeding my flower beds beside the garage. Roger was feeling bad because the weather wasn't cooperating with him. He wanted to go and cut hay or bail or something but instead it kept raining off and on so I got help with the garage. I loved having My Boys here to help me.


Julie Harward said...

A funny skunk story! :D The cake is a cute ides and looks yummy! What a blessing, a little girl who knows who she is! LOL Good luck with the remodel, that will be wonderful! :D

Techno Grandma said...

Happy Birthday, Oaklee! Your card is in the mail. Grandma didn't watch her book close enough. Love ya"

Adams Family said...

AHHH! Start the remodel all ready. I am dieing here. ;)

Suz said...

Happy birthday Oaklee. I love princesess.

I bet if the boys and your hubby had tried to trick you about the skunk Molly wouldn't have came out of hiding.

Great cake.



Boy Mom said...

love the cake, jealous of the princess, wish Titan could be mistaken for a skunk.