Sunday, February 6, 2011

Making it Through

I've had a few experiences where something that seemed insignificant to the giver meant more then the giver could comprehend. (think about that one!) So I wrote a poem, I tend to do a lot of that. Sometimes they only mean something to me, but, then, that's really the only reason I write them.

Oaklee was up most of the night with a fever which means I sent everyone to church but she and me. I HATE missing church it throws my whole week off, and lately (like for two days) I've been needing, well, Church. Do you ever feel like your on the verge of finally stepping up and improving yourself and then Satan starts pounding on you. Luckily my skins so thick that all he's managing to do is make a lot of loud banging sounds but they're VERY irritating. So anyway back to my poem. here it is:

Glimpsing Eternity

I left my secure self sitting there upon the bench;
I stood and walked towards my friend.
Letting go of enmity I looked into her eyes;
Glimpsing no beginning and no end.

As I walked towards her, imperfect as we were,
The only feeling there between us both,
Was love in guarded care, it could not consume,
For, ‘tis true, we needed much more growth.

Yet, for just an instant, as we were wrapped in arms of love,
I knew I could feel the saviors touch.
Because my friend, who like me, is longing for His love,
Can and will teach me so much.

I long for perfect love without misinterpretation,
How grateful for moments such as those,
When for only just a moment heavens whispered touch;
Is felt as we draw each other close.

©-Cathy Brian- Dec. 2010

Some things are just felt, but never forgotten as we stumble through this life, living as best we can. Thankfully we can be tools in the Lords hands as we recognize the needs of others. Even the simplest acts of love (a hug) can bless the life of a friend or stranger as we recognize and act upon the promptings from the spirit.

I've received hugs from both friends and strangers that have made my life more tender and worthwhile. I've begun to look harder for people that may need a hug. If I can help others along the way then, surely, I'll find I'm right there on the pathway prodding along beside them to a grand destination.

Have a great day!


Adams Family said...

I am just going to take this blog as a long distance bloggy hug to me. Thanks.

Boy Mom said...

You can prod alongside me any time. Beautiful poem!

I love you!

Suz said...

I love your poems, especially this one. I needed a hug and your thoughts and writings brought one to me.



Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

You do have a gift for words!
Beautiful! Talk about things felt and never forgotten......teaching of the trek.

You should take your family and go to Martins Cove and the Willy sites. Have your own trek. You can wear pioneer clothes, camp and pull a hand cart, walk in rememberance of a pioneer.etc.
In fact we keep talking about going for a family reunion. It would neat.
For sure you should go if you can with your stake another time.

Sorry you had a fight with yourself! lol Don't be feeling bad! :-) I'm still worrying about getting it done myself!
Did you guys get new snow?