Friday, February 18, 2011

YaY!! For the Dads

I wish I had a picture for this blog. I've been smiling about this all morning. For the most part this was a typical Friday. We all got up had pancakes and sent the boys off to catch the bus. The difference was that Today was Parent Pastry day at the Elementary School. More particularly, Daddy Doughnut Day. Some of you may know what this is. We did this a few years ago and the school has decided to start it up again. Next month will be Mommy Muffin Day. This is where the particular parent takes their child to school at 7:30 AM and reads with them while eating a doughnut or muffin until school begins at 8:05. So...I didn't have to take Aubree to school she got to go with her dad this morning but, I still had to go down and do the crossing guard. When I pulled up to the corner. I looked down the street to where rows of vehicles sat as Dads dutifully ate doughnuts and read to their children. I couldn't help but laugh as I noticed that all I could see were rows of Pick-ups in every size. and there were a lot of them. Way to go dads!!! We live in a great place. You know if this had been the month of May most of the pick--ups would have had cow dogs quietly sitting in the backs patiently waiting for their owners to come back out, and wondering why they don't get any doughnuts.

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Felicia said...

Ha! I want a picture, too!