Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chancee's Chatterings

Dinner, quite often, on Sunday nights consists of Grilled Cheese sandwiches. This Sunday was no exception. We always do a Roast or Ham or something right after church and sit around the table so Sunday night is very informal.

So....I had Chance sitting at the Island eating his grilled cheese. Everyone else had either already eaten or had yet to eat. I had him all situated and turned to leaver the kitchen when I heard him say.

"Hey, You remind me of some one."

"What?" Says I as I stopped in my tracks trying to decide if he had just said that to me, or if he was just talking to himself (not uncommon)

But, He Say's again...."You remind me of some one."

"Who?" I say out of extreme curiosity.

"Some one special, really Special!" Says Chance with a knowing look.

Now I'm really Curious!! As I say, "Well, who?"

He looks up at me with a sideways look and points at me. "you." he simply says and continues to eat.

Chance, You sure make it fun to be a mom!!


Techno Grandma said...

That's great! He makes me a little teary eyed sometimes. Wise beyond his years. This is Jenny BTW

Adams Family said...

He is soo funny.

Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

I think the freckles across the end of his nose are cute!
Such a little smartie! How old is he again? He knows how to win a mom over! :-)

susan said...

Love that kid. And he's to young to have any alternative meanings for "special" right? :)