Monday, March 7, 2011

Long Weekend

I'm sooo frustrated!! We spent last Friday and Saturday in Logan at the first annual Cache valley Cowboy Rendezvous Braden and Caib were both featured poets and performed on stage with the Bar J Wranglers. I took pictures and they are on my computer but they went into a program I don't usually use so I can't figure out how to get them to load onto blogger. GRRRR!!!

We had a really good time, Though. They asked the boys if they would come to the Youth Cowboy Poetry contest and recite a poem and give the kids some pointers on performing. They both recited a poem and Braden got up and talked to the kids for a minute about a few things. I was really impressed with him. He did a great job. He encouraged the kids to talk with the cowboy poets who were at the Rendezvous and get pointers from them. He told them to listen closely to the judges and do what they say because the judges want you to succeed. He then told them that the most important thing was to not quit. To continue writing and reciting poetry. I'm surprised at how easy it is for Braden to get up on stage. He's comfortable and really enjoys it. Caib did a great job, too. He tends to get a little more nervous then Braden and really dosen't "like" getting on stage but that kid has an amazing ability to memorize stuff and he has such a unique way of presenting his poems that it's fun to watch him. He's very dry!!

And...Thanks to my sister for watching the three littlest kids they had a great time, too, although Chance keeps reassuring me that he really, really missed me.


Felicia said...

How fun!

I don't know how you usually load your pictures, but when I post things on blogger, I just pull them straight from the "My pictures" file. I have done it through picasa in the past, but sometimes I had trouble so I stopped doing it that way.

Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

How fun it would have been to see tham! Tell them Congrats! and to keep doing it!
I can't offer any help for the picture program...but I can offer sympathy! lol I lost my sidebar blog roll this weekend....I was able to get most of it back tho.
Good luck