Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I've Struck Gold!!!

You know I'm a little biased, but I think you'll understand.....
last Friday was the Klondike. Braden and Caib were both going. My boys love to camp!!!!! As they were busily rushing around getting ready and waiting for Dad to get home because Dad was going, too. Caib had told his leaders (unknownst to dad) that his dad was going and so they were counting on him to drive. Dad probably would have opted out until he learned what Caib had done...It made him feel good to know that his boys wanted him to come. Soooo......as they waited I heard Caib mumbling to himself and nonchalantly moved in closer to here him. He was counting on his fingers

"Let's see 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. That's 7, and 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18...."
Then he turned to Chance and said,

"I'll be 18 when you get to go on the Klondike!! That means I can go with you your first year Chance!!"

"Are You sure, Caib?" Says I, " Won't you be too cool at 18 to go?"

"Are you kidding me I won't be too cool, I LOVE to camp!!"

You know I think I believe that kid. This is the kid that spent all afternoon Saturday after he got home from the Klondike Spray painting Rocks to look like Gold and burying them in the yard and then making a treasure map, wrinkled, burned around the edges and everything so that Chance could discover a hidden treasure. He then took the little gold pan we have and took it out with Chance so that they could do a little prospecting. I don't know about you but I would have LOVED a big brother like that to grow up with. And then Sunday when we went down to Big Holler to see the spring run off I discovered they had brought the gold pan with them so that they could really pan for gold. I'm telling ya....Someday we're gonna strike it rich!!!! Chance already has!!!! What a brother!

Not to leave out Braden. He helped with the gold, too. It just takes Caib to get him involved. Here's a quick one on Braden, (So You Know how great he is) Yesterday a friend called and wanted the older boys to go to the park and play games with them. I'm a bit leery about the park and hanging out type stuff. I've seen it lead to a lot of trouble so I told Braden I didn't think it was a good Idea.

"Alright" Says Braden though I could tell he really wanted to go.

"You also have a couple of grades you need to bring up. Says I, "Hows that going?". He promptly went in checked his grades on the computer and pulled out his home work.

He then pestered me a little more about going to the park again since his chores and homework were done so I had him call and talk to his dad. Dad told him no, too. I knew he was disappointed but he understood why and later that afternoon when we ran to the store to get some "must have" pencil lead for mechanical pencils he said to me,

"Mom, Have you noticed that I'm trying to not complain as much when you and Dad tell me No?"

When you've got good kids you just can't help but feel consumed with gratitude!!

That's not saying they ain't got their problems, but hey, who doesn't

Big Rocks

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Adams Family said...

Your kids are gold. AHHHH!!! I love the pictures.