Thursday, March 31, 2011

"X marks the spot" Chancee's Chatterings

we are still stuck on pirates, Caib, helping Chance, built him a sword. Why spend money on toys for little boys? Sticks and wire are so much more appealing, and they NEVER out grow it.
On guard, Matey. Notice me X on me shirt? No, that's not to give you a better target to slay me poor self, That is so you will know that I am a true buccaneer " I'm not to fond of me Jolly Roger so I've changed me flag to an X, savvy? Besides all me booty was stolen and the only real treasure around here is meself. Any scallywag who'll not be believing me is the son of a biscuit eater and can walk the plank!!! Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!

Early the other morning Chance came in with an X he'd drawn all by himself on his under shirt. Roger asked him what the X was for and he looked at Roger completely disgusted.

"Da.a.d! I'm a pirate!!!!" He says

"And the X means..?" questions Dad.

"sigh, I know where the treasure is."

"Oh I thought maybe you were the treasure." says Dad

With a look of thought and liking the idea Chance replies "Uh...... Yeah. That, too"

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Boy Mom said...

He's to stinkin' cute! Aarghhhh!

Be glad it was as x on his shirt. one of my boys used a black permanent marker to drew a pirate patch on his eye.