Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chancee's Chatterings, sort of.

His Thinking Cap

There are very few kids like Chance. In fact........ there is no other kid like Chance. Each morning when we are all up and the day is just beginning and people are scurrying around getting ready for school or heading out to do chores Dad always asks Chance, "What are you going to be today, Chance?" Chance always puts his thinking cap on and comes up with something new just about every day. Today he was Indiana Jones. He's been a cowboy, spider man, a builder, a Paleontologist, a scientist, an astronaut, an adventurer, a dad.......etc.
This has got to be one of my favorites though! He got Tinker Toys for Christmas. He has two of the longer sticks in each of his pockets:
"Mom," says Chance "guess what I'm being?"
"What?" says I,
"I'm and old Man and my legs don't work any more so I built me these levers and I have to use them to walk. See I just push on them and My legs will move. AND, If I push the button on the top I can jump!"
See what I mean? What kid pretends he's an old man that can't walk? And not only that, what kid comes up with a solution to help him solve not only the walking problem, but He can Jump, as well!!
The fun thing is listening to his older brothers come up with ways he can be all of those things in one. They've decided that he can fly to a new planet discover what animals used to live there, build his own home, raise his own beef etc. I can't wait to find out what he really ends up becoming. He always falls back on three things An astronaut, a paleontologist and most importantly, a dad!

Here I sit blogging away with only a few interuptions: It's just Chance coming in every now and then to show me the musical instruments he's been making because:
"Mom," says Chance, I'm going to be a musical instrument maker"

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susan said...

I bet he will be all of them...especially if the Dad thing works out.

Love that boy!