Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Harvest Time

We planted quite a few potatoes this year and I figured I needed some for dinner tonight. So Chance and I grabbed a container and headed out to the potato patch. I'm guessing Chance wasn't quite aware of what exactly it meant to dig potatoes. (we didn't harvest potatoes last year, and the year before he would have been to young to remember).

I shove the shovel into the ground and turn over the first potatoe plant.

"Whoa!!! MOM!!! Look at that!! Potatoes!!" as he excitedly begins jumping around.

Braden showed up to help shortly after we dug our first couple of plants.

"Braden, Come here hurry Braden come look at this"

Braden, in his usual manner saunters over


He's Chance's opposite.

I tend to get excited over digging treasure, too. Even if it is just digging potatoes. But, not quite that excited.

I sure love Harvest Time!!

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Julie Harward said...

I love harvest time too..I get about as excited as Chance does. Nothings as good as feash food from the garden!