Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chancee's Chatterings

As you know, It's been our turn to herd this last week and this year Chance has got to go help. Roger, Braden and Caib have come home with all kinds of fun stories about Chance. To sum it up, Roger says "It sure isn't boring with that kid along, Is it boys?"

Braden and Caibs response:


The last day they went up before school started was quite a day. The minute they walked in the door I could tell something was up.

Chance grabbed a hold of my shirt and said "Guess what Mom, I did a Loop De Loop."

"You did What?" I asked

"a Loop De Loop"

Roger interrupts with "Tell her why you did a Loop De Loop."

"Because," Chance says, "Ol' Commmanche jumped over a log and I did a Loop De Loop!"

Apparently Chance's horse jumped a log and stopped, Chance didn't stop and did a complete Loop De Loop as he fell off and luckily didn't end up on his head.

But, Braden wasn't quite that lucky. His horse tripped and fell and Braden did land on his head. But all he had to show for it was a little bit of a scratch. Luckily they were all safe and could start school with out any broken bones.

along with that, came some more "Chattering" as they herded the cows.

Chance finally figured out how to keep up with everybody and could get Ol' Commanche to walk pretty fast. As he would kick the horse and pull ahead of Braden, Braden would say:

"Hey, Chance, How'd you get ahead of me?"

Chancee's reply:

"How'd you git behind?"

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Julie Harward said...

I love his hat..and the ears! Hey, I rode a spotted horse like that on the 4 day girls camp ride a few years ago ..didn't I ? It belonged to your father in law? Good horse~