Monday, September 8, 2014



On life’s path, when we travel, we can’t help but learn,
For angels, from our Father, guide us at every turn.

He directs the angel’s guidance. He knows just what we need.
And in our slow paced travels we must learn to pay them heed.

As we learn, grow and listen to the whisp’ring angel voices
We recognize their guidance and make much better choices.

Then we, if we prove worthy, through obedience to spirit,
And begin responding with velocity every time we hear it.

Can be as guiding angels, for know you not His perfect love?
At times each of His children need more then whisp’ring from above.

We need help from spirit angels. That forever will be true.
But on occasion we need people who help and guide us, too.

With the promise of your coming my heart was eased from fear
And I wept away my sorrow for I knew you’d soon be near.

No matter what your trials, when you came to comfort me
We felt, together, heaven and we saw eternity.

Cathy Brian, 2014

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Felicia said...

I love this. Thank you. My heart is tender, as I would've had a baby coming this week. You are one of the women I look up to, who knows how that feels. Thank you for you.