Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So Much happening-Time flies....

 Aubree's Birthday today.  I Got this wild Idea to have a surprise party for her.  It turned out great.  I let the 4 girls know who I invited, one lives right next door.  So her mom picked up the girls and dropped them off at my house so they could go in and hide.  I finished with the crossing guard and brought Aubree home.  Oaklee didn't say a word even though we'd spent the whole day cleaning and decorating.  

I did a balloon themehere the girls are showing off the balloon bracelets they made.

Singing and Blowing

 We also had a dance recital with Oaklee, this year.  It's really just a few moms who taught their daughters some cute little dances so that we wouldn't have to pay for an expensive dance class.  Love it!!

Oaklee danced a little bit, even though she knew all the dances.
But mostly she sat on the edge of the stage and wouldn't dance.  She had a stomach ache.

We also added all the kids who had piano pieces so grandma's wouldn't have to go sit through a long recital.

 Pretty little dancers.
Mother's day we built a mom if the kids sang well in primary.
It amazes me how well the kids will sing for some silly little activity.

It was also Dad's birthday.

He got a candy bar poster.

I've also been doing yard work

Attending school programs

cute girls

And patiently listening to a 6 year old boy explain to me how his lemonade maker works

Yes,  It extends from one end of the yard to another  and I believe he said that you just  put rhubarb in it and lemonade comes out.  WAHOO!!  I knew there was a good use for rhubarb.


Adams Family said...

SURPRISE!!!!Happy Birthday Aubree!!! Have Aubree close her eyes, lead her to the computer, and then when she is least suspecting it have her her read that.

Jenny said...

Sheesh! Do you ALL have birthdays in May?! ;) I admire your picture taking habit. If I ever get married and have kids I won't be able to prove it with pictures. :(